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- Were you thinking about Mikasa?

- …Who’s Mikasa?…

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Jean x Eren SnK fic


So been sick, been having writer’s block, all the fun things that could hit at one time. If you happen to read my other SnK fics or any of my KnB stuff and are waiting for updates, I can only apologize. I wrote this short, short story from a prompt (fight sex) sanna gave me to help me thru the block. Hope you enjoy it sweetheart.

Title: When Sparks Fly

Also on AO3

Series: Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan

Pairing: Jean x Eren

Rating: 18+

Summary: Jean and Eren get into one of their usual fights, but this time it leads to something else.

Eren, who was a dick one minute and so noble the next it made Jean’s teeth ache, had a compelling charisma about him that spread hope and courage like a virus. Even when everyone knew they would end up titan vomit, devoured and regurgitated just so the monsters could keep on feasting, they followed him. Jean was no exception, and it only made him angrier that he’d allowed himself to be swept along at Eren’s pace. Angry that he cared for the little prick at all.

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im waiting for you to say ‘polo’, that’s how you play the game


it’s 2014 can we stop pretending that levi is a suave motherfucker

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Imagine your favorite character pushing you into your mattress by your wrists, slowly grinding into you while they hide their face in the crook of your neck





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13 April 2014:

Jean's Treasure, Eren's Slave: PART 2

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Voyage of the Virgins: CHAPTER 6

Jean's Treasure, Eren's Slave: PART 3

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